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What's the Difference between 2D, 3D and 4D?

compare 2d 3d and 4d and see the differencesActually, you may be puzzled when sold the so-called 2D, 3D and 4D concepts. Many audiences had been used to watching common 2D movies&animations until the 3D movie Avatar hit the traditional media field several years ago, almost the whole world get feverish. They rush into the local theaters and watch with 3D glasses and experience a whole new dimension. As it were, the Avatar is a clean sweep of 3D movies. We may know few about what the first 3D movie was, but we know that the 3D era has come already (eager to get 3D movies? Available in TheMovieDownloads). However, it's quite possible that you've heard the 4D movie which also has evoked your great interest on it. What's the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D? Let's go ahead.

Concepts of 2D, 3d and 4D

2D: As we've known in Mathematics, 2 Dimensions refer to only X axis and Y axis, with the space comes to only the same flat surface. 2D normal videos are combined with a series of dynamic 2D graphics with sounds and certain frame rate. Most of the normal movies in our daily life are in 2D and they are independent of any 3D glasses.

3D: Whereas 3 Dimensions in maths mean there's an extra Z axis added and thus the three axises can create a new and open view which lets the images break down the space limitaion and produce realistic effects in volume, depth, shadow and more. 3D movies need the audiences to wear a specaily designed glasses, and the 3D technology in videos are usually divided into anaglyph 3D and side-by-side 3D today.

4D: As a controversial concept that easily to be confused by people, 4 Dimensions refer to a upgraded technology having added the factor of time and motion into the 3D object. The audiences can watch the 3D movies in theatres and experience the physical effects simultaneously. For example, when you are watching a battlefield, you can even smell the blood and smoke (terrible!), or if someone splashed water at you, your face even can feel it as if the water was splashed in front of your seat.

Compare with 2D, 3D and 4D and See The Differences

Firstly, 3D has a significant advantage in images. Since the 3D technologies have highly imitated human beings' visual perception, and let the images' depth enhanced to make sure the imaging in human's eyes is just the same as in real life. Take The Smurfs for example. When audiences seeing the on of the top 3D movies The Smurfs in theatre, there're some special footages that the smurfs will be like to pop out from the screen and hover over the middle air of theatre, which is able to catch audiences off guard.

Secondly, 4D can create the most entertaining effect. It is eagerly anticipant for audiences to see more 4D videos and have great funs. It is said that Disney has produced some real 4D movies in their theaters. When audiences are watching a 4D film and there's a lens the earthquake happend, the audiences can feel the theater and seat rocked as if the space-time changed and they've gone to be one part within the film. It's just applies to those irritation seekers. If you love to ride roller coaster, you can go to see 4D movies for great thrill entertainingly.

Thirdly, 2D leaves the most imaginative space for audiences. Simplest is the deepest, and originally created works can maximally express the filmmakers intentions. Tow much processing sometimes is gilding the lily. Why not leave more space to audiences to imagine? The plain 2D in film and animation and other fields are proved to have gotten great success, and not a few people still love the 2D the first.

The last but not the least, 4D is the most expensive technology among 2D and 3D. More complex processing should be adopted and more laborious activities should be done to make a successful 4D movie for those filmmakers. Correspondingly, audiences should pay for the most expensive tickets to view them in theatre. 3D takes the second place and 2D comes the cheapest. Certainly, if you want to enjoy home 3D theater, you can change 2D to 3D by the 3D Converter. That' funny and easy-to-handle.

compare 2d 3d and 4d and see the differences of each other

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